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1 February

CHANGING TIMES 2012 : How Recent Solar Flares Are Affecting Humans

Recently we are experiencing an intensive amount of solar activity on the Sun which is affecting both the Earth and Humans.

Exactly what is a solar flare and how does it affect us?

A solar flare is a magnetic storm on the Sun which appears to be a very bright spot and a gaseous surface eruption such as in the above photograph.  Solar flares release huge amounts of high-energy particles and gases that are tremendously hot.  They are ejected thousands of miles from the surface of the Sun.

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27 January

The Himalayan Journey..Cont’d

A Char Dham Yatra- “The Four Abodes” ~Part2


A Bit about Yamunotri, situated at an altitude of 3,235 m above the sea level in the district of Uttarkashi. The source of River Yamuna lies about 1 km further ahead at the altitude of about 4,421 m. Yamunotri can be reached by a 13 km trek from Hanuman Chatti. Maharani Gularia of Jaipur constructed the temple of Goddess Yamuna in the 19th century AD. It was destroyed twice and was rebuilt. The temple remains closed from November to May because of heavy rainfall. There is a quite a few thermal springs in the vicinity of the temple, which flow into several pools. The most important of these springs is the Surya Kund. Divya Shilla is a rock pillar worshipped before entering the Yamunotri Temple

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27 January

The Himalayan Journey

A Char Dham Yatra- “The Four Abodes”~Part1

This was one tour I was a bit apprehensive about, my parents especially mom wanted to see the Ganga and witness the arathi at Haridwar, a place where the whole town comes to a standstill and exactly sharp 7pm the daily evening arathi of the river Ganga is performed and has been performed like this for many,many generations now. Mom and Dad wanted to visit the place, at first i thought i would book their tickets and plan it out for them ,and if possible book one of those 10 day Char Dham yatras and that way they can cover the Char Dham (4 sacred places of the Himalays)yatra as well and would be a nice pilgrimage for my parents.

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